Sitka Gear Fortress of Stone

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Stone’s Sheep are monarchs. Royalty of the high country. They rule from high thrones in high places, perched on impossible spires in their mountain palace. Only men with strong hearts and strong legs pursue them. Countless hunters hear the call, but few have the fortitude to return with the treasure they seek. In the summer of 2011, my brother Cam and I pursued Stone’s Sheep in the Cassiar Mountains of British Columbia. We tried to catch on film our passion for the mountains, our love of bowhunting sheep and the bond we share as brothers. Special thanks to Cam for teaming up with me on this hunt. His knowledge of sheep, mental toughness and physical ability in the mountains are matched by few. Both of us are eternally inspired by our father – a great bowhunter, sheep guide and friend. Song by Explosions in the Sky: "Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean" {no copyright infringement intended, all acknowledgements to Explosions in the Sky and the Temporary Residence label. 2003} Created by Adam Foss
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