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ASUS TAICHI - Notebook and Tablet

This video is a product overview of the ASUS TAICHI.
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ASUS Transformer Book

Product overview for ASUS Transformer Book running Windows 8.
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ASUS Vivo Tab RT with Windows RT

Product overview for ASUS Vivo Tab RT with Windows RT.
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ASUS VivoTab

Product overview for ASUS VivoTab running Windows RT.
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Product overview for ASUS ZENBOOK Touch.
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Microsoft Surface RT

This a video overview of the accessory ports on Microsoft Surface RT, which include USB, Video Out, and Micro SD storage slot. These ports are important feature that Surface tablets have and other tablets do not have for extra storage, transferring files, sharing files, and using external devices like portable hard disk drives.
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Windows 8 vs Windows RT

This video discusses the differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT.