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Apple - iPad 2 - iBooks

See why reading is a joy with the iBooks app on iPad. Text looks crisp and bright on the full-color screen. Pages turn with a flip. And you can browse and buy new books from the iBookstore.
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Apple - iPad 2 - iMovie

With iMovie, you can make HD movies right on your iPad. See how to edit video, add transitions and titles, record voiceovers, and even create a soundtrack. All with your fingers.
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Apple - iPad 2 - iPod

See and touch your music like never before on the large iPad display. The iPod app lets you browse your music library with a flick and play a song with a tap. You can even view full-size album artwork.
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Apple - iPad 2 - Mail

The Mail app in iPad gives your email a whole new look and feel. Learn how easy it is to view, compose, and send email using the large Multi-Touch display.
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Apple - iPad 2 - Photos

There's nothing like viewing and sharing photos on iPad. See how the Photos app lets you browse your pictures with a flick, preview them with a pinch, and show them off in an incredible slideshow.
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Apple - iPad 2 - Videos

Watching video on iPad is like having a big screen right in your hands. See for yourself how the 9.7-inch high-resolution display and onscreen controls make iPad perfect for watching HD movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more.
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How to use an iPad with an Apple Trackpad

This video shows how to use BTstack and BTmouse to connect an Apple Trackpad to an iPad. You need to jailbreak the iPad, but that is very easy to do.
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iPhone 5 New Features Review

Apple has launched the iPhone 5 claiming it is the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone. Gear-TV.com investigated the iPhone 5's features to determine if this was marketing hype, or another breakthrough for apple. Key items discussed are 4G LTE service coverage, processing power, camera, and the new retina display screen size.
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Apple iPhone Game Center

If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have the largest selection of games. And you don't have Game Center, which lets you play with your friends wherever they are.