Into High Country

Spanning four generations of hunting expertise, Into High Country with Jason Matzinger seeks to capture the very best of western hunting from our home state of Montana, and throughout the West. From the wide diversity and quality of the free ranging game we hunt every season, to the quality of the locations and spectacular scenery in which we are privileged to hunt, Into High Country captures the excitement, heart and soul of the most dramatic big game hunting in North America.

This show is action packed, full of seldom seen images from the wild, and emphasize on hunting action over commentary. Although much of the action will take place in Montana, the show will also feature hunts from other Western states, as well as Alberta, British Columbia, and other destinations for authentic western big game hunting. We hunt with both Bow and Rifle, on our own and with outfitters, the bottom line is we go were we need to, to find trophy class animals. Our goal is to establish Into High Country as the most authentic, loyally- followed programming in all of hunting television.