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Electric Vol.

Prim and proper, the Electric way, Electric's VOL Sunglasses are female specific. But with thinner 8 Base Mold Injected Grilamid Frames, to squeeze in more high quality polycarbonate lenses, the VOL sunglasses are anything but dainty. Electric sunglasses for women are sunglasses for girls who like a chic and tough look with a Go-Forth attitude. The VOL are available in a variety of color combos to suit your mood or personality. She's pretty, but watch out, she can hold her own.

Electric Lovette

'Who is that girl?' You might not hear them whisper the question as you walk in the room, but you will see it on their faces. The Electric Lovette sunglasses give you an instant doe of glamor and mystery. You could be a world-renown model ... or the lead for some band that is so hip that no one has even heard of it yet.

Electric Plexi

Fashion and functionality wrapped into a nice piece of eye-wear. The Electric Eyewear Plexi will protect your eyes from the sun and keep you looking stylish at the same time.

Electric Rosette

If you ever wanted to cruise the streets in complete incognito, then welcome to the Electric Rossett. This is a pair of women’s sunglasses that takes you into the Italian world of glamour with a hint of undercover. The Rossett has a six base, mold injected Grilamid frame, with large six base polycarbonate lenses. Electric guarantees 100 percent ultraviolet protection from the dangerous rays of the sun, in addition to the top quality of five-barrel stainless steel optical hinges. Go ahead and have a try.

Electric Rosette Polarized

Like, remember last night? I totally can't remember anything! Like, I'm pretty sure I lost my sweet Rosette sunglasses from Electric. Total bummer! What's that? Oh! I was wondering why it was totally shady inside the house!

Electric Venice Sunglasses

Like the romantic Italian city for which it is named, the Venice model is both classic and cutting edge. Inspired by the influence of art and fashion, this versatile, light-weight frame boasts a very visible Italian heritage. And anywhere you roam, from the fashion district to the back alley bistros, the Venice is a worthy travel companion. This item may take an additional 1-2 business days to process and ship.

Electric Vol. Polarized Sunglasses

All of Electric's sunglasses have the highest grade polycarbonate lenses available and block 100% UV rays and filter out UVA, UVB, and UVC, the 3 most harmful of the sun's rays. Electric's frames are constructed of mold injected grylamide, which has the best memory retention in variable temperatures. VOL. is a high output shade even if your input is low. The narrowed frame design allows for a big lens to sneak right in. All access glass, you can go anywhere with VOL.