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Into High Country - Season 2, Episode 8

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Into High Country - Season 2, Episode 9

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Into High Country - Season 2, Episode 10

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High Caliber Gear reviews the Ripcord Arrow Rest

High Caliber Gear reviews the Ripcord Arrow Rest
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Shanes Bow Overview

Shane from High Caliber Gear gives a brief overview of the accessories he has on his hunting bow.
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Sitka Gear Dusty Lutts No Regrets

They say we're crazy for getting up at 4am. For driving 45 minutes in the dark to go sit in some trees. They say we're crazy getting soaked by the morning dew and getting eaten alive by mosquitos. We say exhaust every opportunity and live life with…. No Regrets. Song by Rosco Wuestewald: “Sweet Forest feelings” If your interested in hearing more of his music, search his album: “The Secrets of Marindahl” Directed and Edited by: Dustin Lutt and Kyle Nickolite Videographers: Dustin Lutt Kyle Nickolite Kyle Metzger
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Sitka Gear Fortress of Stone

Stone’s Sheep are monarchs. Royalty of the high country. They rule from high thrones in high places, perched on impossible spires in their mountain palace. Only men with strong hearts and strong legs pursue them. Countless hunters hear the call, but few have the fortitude to return with the treasure they seek. In the summer of 2011, my brother Cam and I pursued Stone’s Sheep in the Cassiar Mountains of British Columbia. We tried to catch on film our passion for the mountains, our love of bowhunting sheep and the bond we share as brothers. Special thanks to Cam for...
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Sitka Gear Life In Bozeman

Sitka Gear Athletes talk about life in the great town of Bozeman, Montana.
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Speed Goatin

"Curious" defines Pronghorn Antelope - at least in my experiences. With the ground blind left in the truck waiting to find that perfect watering hole or fence crossing, my approach is this: get in as close as I can undetected and then let the antelope's curiosity do the rest. On my second stalk of the year I put this approach to the test and arrowed a beautiful Montana Pronghorn.
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Utah Lion by Sitka Films

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Sitka Gear [The Short Season] 111° WEST

The kickoff short for the new video project from Fencepost Films follows Jeff Simpson on his milestone elk hunt in the backcountry of Montana. Pre-Production/Post-Production by Judge Simpson, Fencepost Films and Jeff Simpson, Fencepost Films Camera Operators: William Altman, Kyle Nickolite, and Jeff Simpson
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Tight Spot Quiver Review

High Caliber Gear reviews the Tight Spot Quiver. Tight Spot quivers were designed to cut weight, reduce bow torque and balance your bow.
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Trophy Ridge Season Highlights Featuring Trophy Ridge Equipment

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Searching For West

The hunt is a pursuit of balance, while searching for the unknown. The balance that death has struck with life, the one sustaining the other. Everything we eat was alive once. The farmer clears his field in autumn for new life in the spring, and there’s a rhythm to it all. One man in one place, doing just one thing at a time. Mark Seacat’s son, West, was born 10 days before elk season. Husband. Father. Hunter. Where does he draw the line on how much to sacrifice?
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Into High Country - Season 1, Episode 9

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Best Camo - Part 1 - Introduction

High Caliber Gear tests 9 different camo patterns in 3 different environments.
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