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Burton After School Special Snowboard Package

You already know that snowboarding is the best thing ever, so get your kids started early with the Burton After School Special snowboard package. Taking the lessons learned from Burton's industry-leading Learn to Ride program, the After School Special combines its Flat Top profile with an Easy Rider convex base for a board that's catch-free to take the sting out of learning the ropes. The twin shape and soft flex will take them from falling leaf to linked turns in no time. It comes mounted up with matching bindings, which are a lightweight polycarbonate unit with a super-convenient single-ratchet...

Burton Billboard Slouch Beanie

We could say a lot about this Burton Billboard Slouch Beanie but come on, it's Burton. Do we have to spell it out for you? B U R T O N. B as in Buy It! U as in U are wasting time not getting this awesome slouch fit beanie. R as in...ah forget it, who wants to spell anyway. Its warm, its reversible, and duh, its Burton. Put it on your head.

Burton TWC Standard Wide Snowboard 156

Epic graphics, check. Burton Fly Core, check. Shawn White Collection, check. Oh! We must be taking about the 2013 Burton TWC Standard Wide Snowboard that is a freestyle all terrain destruction machine! Well it is plain to see that this board looks amazing on the outside but it's what's on the inside the truly makes this board top of the line. Constructed with Biaxial Fiberglagg for rigidity and response, a V-Rocker for catch free edges and fast, easy turn initiation and a flex 2 rating that is as fun to ride as it is poppy. Ride on, Ride Strong,...

Burton Blunt Wide Snowboard 153

The Burton Blunt snowboard is a true twin park killing machine. With its twin shape and flex combined with Burtons patented V-Rocker shape, the Burton Blunt is the weapon of choice for park rats all over the world. The Rail Ready tune on the Blunt gives you catch free glide over even the burliest handrails, so you can eat lunch in the lodge instead of eating the side of a railing. An extruded base and durable construction also give you the ability to hit street features on and off the mountain. Even though the Blunt kills it in the...

Burton Feelgood Smalls Snowboard 140

Playful rocker meets the strength of camber for a best-of-both-worlds board that does it all.

Burton Whammy Bar Snowboard 150

Liquefy rails, thaw entire parks, and scorch the non-believers with the face-melting appeal of the Whammy Bar. Like the Process, only a little looser for more jib-oriented riding, this is the dream board for the park and rail technician. With the convex design of Mid Spoon between the feet to magnify the catch-free effects of V-Rocker, plus Scoop shaping at the tip and tail, this is as catch-free as you'll get without total abstinence.