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MSR Pole Maintenance

Regardless of the season and your mission beyond the trailhead, MSR® SureLock poles will change your expectations of what a pole should be. Our SureLock™ technology reclaims the definition of "no-slip performance" in the field through our push-button positive-locking design. Combined with our patent-pending one-handed Trigger Release for on-the-fly adjustment, cutting-edge materials and precision engineering, they'll help you move more efficiently and confidently through the backcountry.
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MSR Poles - TR Series

The three-section SureLock TR-3 poles deliver the versatility you need to be ready for anything: from laying down the trail miles, to moving over technical terrain with poles stashed discreetly on your pack. The two-section design of the SureLock TR-2 poles is ideal for trips where they spend the majority of the time in your hands -- not on your pack. Our patent-pending Trigger Release adjustment system offers a full range of rapid adjustability directly from the grip, making these ideal for ski touring, snowshoeing and on-trail use over variable terrain.
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MSR Poles - UL Series

Tuned specifically for those seeking to shed weight without sacrificing performance, the SureLock UL-2 pole features a streamlined form, delivering ultralight strength and stability in the backcountry.

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork

Hiking can be rough on your joints whether it's your first time on steep trails or your second time hiking the AT. Black Diamond designed its Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Pole to give you the support you need to cover miles without sore knees. Its aluminum shaft makes the entire pole incredibly lightweight so you barely notice the additional weight. Its cork grip wicks moisture away from your sweaty palms, and Black Diamond set the grip at a 15° angle in order to reduce swing motion from your wrist in order to provide a more positive plant. The 360°...

Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Carbon

Sleek and lightweight, the Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Carbon Trekking Pole is our high-end, 4-season pole with a carbon fiber upper shaft. The unique elliptic shaft shape provides added stiffness while toting heavy loads, and the three-section design with dual FlickLock adjustability lets you customize the pole to the situation and trail condition. For added specialization, the pole's interchangeable carbide Tech Tips can easily be switched out for our rubber Tech Tips (sold separately) to handle changing trail surfaces.

Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Shock

Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Shock Poles (pair) Features Key Features of the Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Shock Poles (pair) Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Shock Poles (pair) Combining the comfort of Black Diamond's Control Shock Technology with the strength and stability of their elliptic shaft shape, the Black Diamond Contour Elliptic Shock Poles (pair) provides top-notch comfort, reliability, and performance for any on-trail situation. Its Control Shock Technology allows for a smooth and progressive shock absorption and controlled rebound that are very vital when going out for a day hike or toting loads of stuff to your base camp. The...

Black Diamond Trail Shock

Black Diamond Trail Shock Poles for Women Features Black Diamond Trail Shock Poles for Women Venture off on different terrain with the Black Diamond Trail Shock Poles for Women. Designed especially for women, these lightweight trekking poles offer the comfort and support you need to walk on a day's outdoor trip or on a week-long hike up a mountain. These poles are built with Control Shock technology that handles the rebound in every trek. Thanks to this, you'll have a smoother and comfortable feel climbing rocks or boulders, probe depth of mud and water, or traversing steep slopes. It...

Black Diamond Ultra Distance

Black Diamond Ultra Distance Poles 2013 Model Features Black Diamond Ultra Distance Poles 2013 Model The Black Diamond Ultra Distance Poles are designed for trail runners and trekkers who are looking for an ultra-lightweight reliability on the trail. These poles, which come in 100% carbon fiber construction and utilize the innovative 3-section Z-Pole technology, are super-packable and dependable. The revolutionary 3-section design features a coated inner cord, a single push-button release, and the speed cone technology; all of which ensure quick deployment and increased rigidity even on the move. Amazingly, the Black Diamond Ultra Distance Poles come equipped with...

Leki Corklite Antishock

The LEKI® Corklite Antishock trekking poles feature strength, performance and provide convenience. Soft Antishock System Lite(SASL) is an antishock system that is 20% lighter than other systems. SASL is a one-setting antishock system located in the lower section of the pole, providing absorption at the point of impact, limiting the stress on body and joints. •Revolutionary, edgeless outer shape can either be palmed or held traditionally for a variety of gripping options. •Rubberized and dimpled top provides a comfortable, textured grip. •Large support area on top of the grip for secure hold. •Extremely lightweight shell cavity construction. •Integrated safety strap....

Leki Thermolite XL Antishock Trekking Pole

LEKI ThermoLite XL Anti-Shock Poles (pair) Features LEKI ThermoLite XL Anti-Shock Poles Experience your winter trek with the LEKI ThermoLite XL Anti-Shock Poles. It's the state-of-the-art winter trekking poles that offer the highest level of comfort and stability on various rough terrains. Its soft anti-shock lite system (SAS-L), located near the tip of each pole, utilizes inner springs to effectively absorb shock and impacts. It supports your ankles, knees, and hips while you walk, and it is recommended if those parts of your body are weak or have been damaged. Along with the anti-shock system is the Aergon thermo...

Black Diamond Distance

As a true adventurist you know to expect the unexpected. Prepare for the unknown road ahead with the incredible versatility of the Distance trekking pole from Black Diamond®. Built with durable, lightweight aluminum. Three section, speed cone deployment uses coated inner cord and conical shaft ends for quick and rigid alignment in seconds. Lightweight EVA grip complemented by a mini-extension for choke-ups for steep inclines. Includes interchangeable tips for variable trail surfaces including non-marking rubber Tech Tips, carbide Tech Tips and stow bag. Stopper basket with shaft catcher secures folding sections. 100 cm. - 12 oz. 110 cm. - 12.3...

Leki Eagle

The Leki Eagle Poles offer Leki quality at a great price. 3-section, 7075 Series heat-treated Aluminum shafts adjust from 65-145cm (25.5"-57") and are the strongest available. The Standard Expander Locking system allows the pole length to be adjusted quickly and easily for a secure "hold". LEKI's positive angle hard grips are made from durable plastic and feature a contoured grip with built-in 10° angle. They also feature the Locking Security Strap safety system that quickly releases when pulled straight upwards. Automatic wrist straps adjust without the use of a buckle for convenience and comfort. Carbide Flextip are concave, cylindrical...

Leki Super Micro

Like the name suggests, this cane style pole compacts down super small, to a mere 18" for easy packing in luggage, brief case or carry bag. Perfect for city strolling, museum tours, groomed trails or everyday support and stability. 3-section, 7075 Series heat-treated Aluminum shaft adjusts from 46-90cm (18"-35"). Super Lock System allows the pole length to be adjusted with the least amount of torque (hand strength) and offers the most secure "hold" of any other pole locking system. The carbide flextips are replaceable and offer the most secure hold on any terrain and surface. Includes rubber tip attachment...

Leki Carbonlite XL Trekking Poles (Pair)

Ideal for thru-hikers and ounce-counting backpackers, LEKI Carbonlite XL trekking poles offer premium performance at weight of just 14.8 ounces per pair! LEKI even includes an adapter to convert one of the poles to a camera monopod.

Leki Trail Trekking Poles - Pair Anti-Shock

LEKI Trail AntiShock Poles (pair) Features LEKI Trail AntiShock Poles Trek downhill with ease using the LEKI Trail AntiShock Poles. These LEKI poles support your every trek with greater resistance to shock and impact when they're driven onto the ground. Their triple spring anti-shock system absorbs the shocks so you'll experience a more comfortable trek. Each pole is designed with a three sections with a classic locking system that allow you to adjust the pole length to your height and the terrain. With carbide flex tips, the poles give greater traction even on ice. With an interchangeable basket system,...

Leki Tundra XS Antishock

LEKI Tundra AERGON XS Anti-Shock Pole (4-Section - Pair) Features LEKI Tundra AERGON XS Anti-Shock Pole Venture into the outdoors with the support of the LEKI Tundra AERGON XS Anti-Shock Pole. This pair of LEKI Tundra AERGON XS poles lets you walk, hike, or trek on rugged terrains with ample support on your ankles, knees, and hips. Its Soft Antishock System Lite (located in the lower section of each pole) utilizes internal springs to absorb shock. It's especially when you walk downhill or when your ankles, knees, or hips are weak or have been damaged. For better traction of...

Leki Vario XS Speedlock Trekking Poles

Leki Vario XS Speedlock (Kids) Features Leki Vario XS Speedlock Journey with your kid out in the great outdoors with the Leki Vario XS Speedlock. This handy skiing or trekking accessory is sure to provide the support and stability your kids need when walking on uneven terrains or steep slopes. It also relieves the amount of stress on your youth's legs and joints. Its PAS soft compact grip is made of rubber and foam, and is perfect for smaller hands. Though lightweight, its aluminum shaft in ultra sonic finish is sturdy and durable to support some of your weight....

Leki Wanderfreund

Keep up in the tough terrain with the durable and flexible Wanderfreund by LEKI®. Strong, 3-section 7075 aluminum straight shaft is heat-treated for outstanding tensile strength. AergoMED Grip offers an ergonomic grip that lets you use the Wanderfreund as a cane or a staff. Wrist strap that is lined with fleece provides an easily-adjustable safety release. • Simple internal twist-lock adjustment. • Engineered to support more than 300 pounds. Carbide Flextip can be bend up to 30º without damaging the pole shaft. Great for rock and/or ice surfaces. Collapses from 47.25 in. to 24.4 in. for easy packing.