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Brad - What Is In My Pack

Brad from ProLiteGear.com covers the gear he has in his pack.
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Lightweight Backcountry Coffee Options

ProLite Gear discusses options for a great tasting cup of coffee in the backcountry.

Jetboil .8L Fluxring Companion Cup

The Jetboil® FluxRing® Sol Titanium Companion Cup .8L gives you the versatility and functionality that you need outdoors or on the road. Delivers over 70% heating efficiency, Sol Titanium offers the ultimate lightweight cooking solution. 0.8 Liter Sol Titanium FluxRing® cooking cup will keep your drink or food nice and warm. Insulating neoprene Cargo Cozy with secure hypalon handle for a firm grip. Drink-through lid with pour spout & strainer for easy access. Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl. Compatible with Jetboil® Sol, Zip, Flash and PCS. Capacity to pack Sol and Zip burner base with one...

Jetboil Utensil Kit

The Jetboil Jetset Utensil Kit offers a complete set of camp utensils designed to mate perfectly with your Jetboil Personal Cooking System. They're long enough to stir, shaped to scour edges and corners and telescope to fit inside cooking vessels. These same features also ensure that they're long enough to reach inside of dehydrated pouches and fold to fit inside most pots or bowls!