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Von Zipper Fulton

VonZipper Fulton sunglasses.Base six spherical lens. Impact resistant polycarbonate frame. Nylon grilamid frame. Stainless steel optical hinges. 100% UV protection. Shift into Neutral is a collection of VonZipper sunglasses that are made from the environmentally friendly and sustainable oil derived from the castor bean. This oil is a non toxic, renewable resource that can be used to create frames with the same strength and flexibility as traditional sunglasses while maintaining a supple hand. Imported.

Dragon Calaca Sunglasses

The Calaca Sunglasses from Dragon. A Calaca, which is Spanish for skeleton, is the figure of a skull or skeleton commonly used for decoration during the Day of the Dead festival. A continuation of the Calavera theme, the Claca carries all of the same attributes and fit, but rolls in about 20% smaller than it's big bro.

Dragon Calavera Sunglasses

Dragon Calavera Sunglasses – Big sun, big waves, big nights: you’re all about going big or going home. So go big with the Dragon Calavera Sunglasses that have a large fit and a sweet design in the shatter-resistant Grilamid frame; not to mention the polycarbonate lens, and the 100% UV protection that means you can keep going big without going blind.

Dragon Domo Sunglasses

Pull on the Dragon Domo Sunglasses and head down to Miami for some quality time with the string bikinis. The large, wrap-around frame of the Domo blocks sunlight from sneaking in and obstructing your view and 100% UV protection keeps your peepers from dying young. When you hit the clubs at night the Domo’s retro style gets you in the door.

Dragon Roosevelt Sunglasses

Recession-proof your face with the Dragon Roosevelt Sunglasses.

Dragon Jam Sunglasses - Polarized

The Jam Polarized Sunglasses by Dragon are a completely redesigned urban throwback, bringing back old-school class with a refined twist. Featuring extremely durable premium frame materials with scratch-resistant lenses - these are a perfect hybrid of high style and a performance shade coming together for these overall beautiful glasses.

Electric EC/DC

Electric EC/DC sunglasses are a favorite among Electric sunglasses styles. The square wrap fit blends athletic audiophile cool with a no frills look that is stylish without being high maintenance. Electric ECDC sunglasses are lightweight and versatile, can be dressed up or dressed down, and if there ever was a pair worth having in different colors, EC/DC shades are it. The '80s inspired design is ready to take on what activities come your way with polycarbonate lenses, UVA, UVB and UVC protection, and temperature-defying mold injected Grilamid 8 base frames.

Electric Hardknox

If Electric Knoxville shades come across too mellow, drive it to a harder edge with Electric's Hardknox Sunglasses! The style-all hard, all legend, all Electric-use handmade acetate with injected wire core frames. The scalloped arms latch on and stay put to let you rock on hard. Hardknox sunglasses are available in a variety of colors that aren't only hard-edged, but make that edge searing hot. Don't wait, the Hardknox style and Hardknox colors go fast. Everywhere.

Electric Knoxville

Electric Knoxville Sunglasses come with one thing in mind: classic shades. Add Electric's sturdy construction, range of features like high quality polycarbonate lenses with UV protection and mold injected Grilamid material to maintain shape, and these Knoxville sunglasses are classics for the here and now and the here to stay. If that wasn't enough, check out this revamped classic in a range of colors to suit any mood. Knoxville sunglasses feature altered Electric logos on the temples for a fitting look that goes way, way back.

Electric Mutiny Sunglasses

If it's true what they say and 'the eyes are the window to the soul', Dave Rastovich is gazing at the world through a spirit deeper than most. As one of surfing's most respected figures, it's clear that "Rasta" shreds with a purpose. One of the sports leading activists, this green warrior focuses his energy on anti-whaling campaigns and promoting active, eco friendly participation with our environment. Electric is proud to release his first signature sunglass the Mutiny. The Mutiny represents a simpler way of life-something to appreciate in its own right. In the design process Rasta took the...

Electric Technician

The Electric Visual Technician Sunglasses were inspired by the mechanical thinker showing an attitude that has everyone wondering what will be your next plot - featuring the utility of a futuristic grilamid resin frame in a sleek modern style. This is the full-wrap shade for the unique individual, if you really want to stand out, break away from normal streetwear and throw on a warranty protected shatter-resistant glass that is so much different than the normal designer accessory. Specifications:

Julbo Bivouak

The Julbo Bivouak Sunglasses bask in the rays reached by those who venture beyond the boundaries, in places where elements like snow, become blinding in the sunlight. The versatile Julbo Bivouak pioneers the advantages of magnetic protective shields by increasing peripheral protection; remove the magnetic shields and enjoy the Bivouak’s wide anti-reflective Spectron 4 lenses in a more pedestrian setting through aesthetics that define and inspire athleticism.

Julbo Bubble

Toddlers everywhere can be comfortable and protected from the sun with Julbo®'s Bubble sunglasses. Soft to the touch, perfectly curved to fit young faces, and light and flexible, the Bubble is so comfortable that kids will barely even know they have them on. Plastic frame can be equipped with corrective solar lenses. Wrap around curved frame with wide temples to provide coverage and protection against harsh sunlight. Curved temples ergonomic profile provides a good hold on the face and head. Flex system articulated hinges at temples for added comfort for various head shapes. Grip tech inserts at stem ends for...

Julbo Chrono Spectron

Flip the stylish and durable Chrono Spectron by Julbo® on your face for added style and protection from the sun. Spectron 3 polycarbonate lenses offer lightweight strength with excellent shock resistance. Lightweight metal frame. Adjustable nosepieces for a custom fit. Smooth rubber inserts at the temple offer a comfortable fit every time. 100% UVA, B and C protection. Made in France.

Julbo Dirt

Don't walk around lookin' like any ordinary Joe. Step your game up to these sweet shades from Julbo®. Ideal for mountain biking, trail running and climbing. Lightweight, durable and incredibly aerodynamic. Developed with pro mountain bikers and runners in mind. Wide lenses and curved frame for maximum visibility. Shock-absorbent temples and nose pads that can handle the ruggedness of any trail. Anti-fog lenses for clearer visibility. Photochromic lenses. The light-sensitive lenses turn darker or lighter depending on the intensity of the light. Case included. Made in France.

Julbo Dirt Sunglasses - Zebra Antifog Lens

When it’s time to hit the trails and get a little muddy, pull on the Julbo Dirt Zebra Sunglasses. These stylin’ shades feature photochromic Zebra lenses that automatically adjust to changing light conditions. The aerodynamic acetate frame has a wrapping profile to maximize your field of view, and temple and nose pads provide a comfortable fit. A special lens treatment reduces foggy flare-ups.

Julbo Dock Sunglasses - Spectron 3 Lenses

Life on the water is easy and peaceful, especially in Julbo's Dock sunglasses. Spectron 3 lenses are lightweight and shock resistant, and the ergonomic profile allows you to prop them on top of your head when needed.

Julbo Explorer XL

The new Julbo Explorer XL Sunglasses were developed in collaboration with the French national skiing and mountaineering school for high-altitude mountain wear. Superb optimal quality, adjustable temples, and other premium features.

Julbo Solan

If your little tyke is spending more time squinting than smiling, reverse that ratio with the Julbo Solan Kids? Sunglasses with Spectron 3+ lenses. These sleek shades were made for kids between the ages and four and six and feature curved temples and Grip Tech padding so that they don?t flop around on his or her face. The Spectron 3+ lenses block out 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC light but still allow 12% of visible light to pass through so that he or she won?t be at a disadvantage when you?re teaching the fundamentals of throwing and...

Julbo Zulu Falcon

The weather report shows lots of sun for your West Coast road trip, so pick up the Julbo Zulu Sunglasses with Falcon Polarized Photochromic Lens. Both polarized and photochromic performances give you crystal clear vision that eliminates glares and transitions from shade to light depending on how sunny or cloudy it is. Behind the Windshield technology helps the lenses darken when you're in the car. An anti-reflective coating prevents the lenses from shining in your eyes, and an oil-resistant coating ensures you don't smudge the lenses when you touch them. Julbo blends the frame's stylish, lifestyle aesthetics with sports...

Kaenon Bolsa

Subtle curves, clean lines, and the performance-minded design of the Bolsa from Kaenon Polarized™ make it the perfect choice for any day under the sun. Bolsa is made in Italy out of injection molded TR-90® to ensure lightweight and 100% skeletal memory retention for consistent fit and comfort. Like all Kaenon Polarized eyewear, Bolsa incorporates the 8 base proprietary SR-91® polarized lenses for a superior visual experience. SR-91® combines the crisp optical acuity of the finest glass lenses, in an ultralightweight, impact-proof lens that filters out all harmful UV and Blue light. Bolsa is a contemporary style designed for a...

Kaenon Calais Sunglasses

Kaenon's Calais polarized sunglasses blend luxury and performance with a retro-inspired double nose bridge and distinctive metal inlays inspired by race car driver Danica Patrick. The curved frame features Variflex nose pads for comfort and durable 5-barrel stainless steel hinges.

Kaenon Georgia SR91

Look oh so divine with the retro-inspired design of the Georgia™ from Kaenon Polarized™. A true Luxury Performance™ fashion frame that fits a wide range of female face shapes with a stylishly oversized, wrapped and boxy, frame front. Sleek, clean and curved temples are adorned with polished Kaenon jewel icons that identify this Kaenon Polarized original design. Georgia is a fashion-driven piece that is at home on the beach and sea-side cafés of California or urban trend-centers of New York or Milan. G-12™ (12%) darkest grey lens (blocks 88% of visible light). Performs best in bright, full sun conditions. B-12™...

Kaenon Kanvas

KANVAS embodies everything that you love about a Kaenon Polarized sunglass with simple, understated, if not conservative styling for men seeking a universal fit. Patented SR-91™ polarized lenses are housed in the wrapped, 8-base frame constructed from light-weight injection-molded TR-90 that also includes our Variflex™ buried nose pads for added comfort and anchoring stability when worn. Made in Italy, Kanvas is distinguished by thin, flexible temples on a geometry that allows various head shapes and sizes to enjoy all-day comfort in a timeless design. Kanvas introduces Kaenon’s custom-engineered internal cam-driven hinges that remove weight and hold the temples in...

Kaenon Rhino SR91

An oversized unisex sport frame with plenty of street attitude, Rhino™ is wrapped and raked to provide all the protection, performance and lightweight comfort of Kaenon. This full-frame, boxy shape exhibits subtle surface design features that allow it to be worn on the street and/or during hard-core sport. SR-91® combines the crisp optical acuity of the finest glass lenses, in an ultra light weight, impact-proof lens that filters out all harmful UV and Blue light. Rhino is injection molded out of TR-90®. Recessed Variflex™ nose pads securely and comfortably anchor the frame in place. Heavy duty, non-corrosive, seven-barrel, stainless steel...

Kaenon Soft Kore SR91

The product of innovative materials and Kaenon's unique "function first" focus, Soft Kore™ is the ultimate sport/performance sunglass specifically made for women. Specifically for a woman's fit. SR-91 lens material is the foundation for the finest polarized lenses. SR-91 is made of neither glass, nor polycarbonate, nor CR-39, but a radically new polarized lens material. SR-91 combines the crisp optical acuity of the finest glass lenses, in an ultra lightweight, impact-proof lens. All Kaenon Polarized SR-91 lenses filter out all harmful UV and Blue light. Semi-rimless 8 base frame allows for unobstructed downward vision and also allows airflow. Features Variflex™...

Maui Jim Baby Beach

Let the sublime style of the Baby Beach from Maui Jim™ make the everyday worries wash away with the crashing shore. Maui Evolution® lenses fuse the best qualities of glass and polycarbonate lenses. Offering superior optics, scratch resistance, and impact resistance in a lightweight high-index package, Maui Evolution enhances color with a patented lens treatment. • Neutral Grey Lens offers contrast and the highest available light reduction. Suitable for all light conditions, especially bright, direct sunlight. • HCL® Bronze Lens is perfect for low-light conditions or for those who like a subtle bronze hue for everyday wear. Offers excellent contrast....

Maui Jim Breakwall

Don't let glare and UV keep you from experiencing your surroundings as they were meant to be experienced. Designed with PolarizedPlus®2 Technology, the Breakwall will change the way you see things. For intense sports activities and active lifestyles, Maui Jim Polycarbonate lenses are optically correct to ensure crisp optics. They're lightweight, comfortable, extremely impact resistant, and feature CLEARSHELL scratch-resistant coating. Neutral Grey Lens offers contrast and the highest available light reduction. Suitable for all light conditions, especially bright, direct sunlight. 12% light transmission. HCL® Bronze Lens is perfect for low-light conditions, or for those who like a subtle bronze hue...

Maui Jim Cliff House

Don't worry about the little things. Just enjoy the sun and the water while you take in the scenery with the Cliff House from Maui Jim™. Neutral Grey Lens offers a rich color contrast and the highest available light reduction. Suitable for all light conditions, especially bright, direct sunlight. HCL® Bronze Lens is perfect for low-light conditions or for those who like a subtle bronze hue for everyday wear. Offers excellent contrast. Maui HT™ High Transmission Lens is suitable for variable and low-light conditions. HT boosts colors, contrast, and depth perception, and delivers the most visible light of all Maui...

Maui Jim Guardrails

You're under the sun and by the sea - what better place is there to be? Just wear the Guardrails from Maui Jim™ to truly round out a perfect day of relaxing beachside comfort. Maui Evolution® lenses fuse the best qualities of glass and polycarbonate lenses. Offering superior optics, scratch resistance, and impact resistance in a lightweight high-index package, Maui Evolution enhances color with a patented lens treatment. • Neutral Grey Lens offers contrast and the highest available light reduction. Suitable for all light conditions, especially bright, direct sunlight. • HCL® Bronze Lens is perfect for low-light conditions or for...

Maui Jim Honolulu Polarized Sunglasses

These chic Maui Jim Honolulu Polarized Sunglasses feature a bold frame with generous side coverage and a rimless design. Lightweight polycarbonate lenses are scratch- and impact-resistant. These lenses are strong enough for your toughest activities, delivering shatterproof performance. Non-slip, Rabalon nose pads and anti-corrosive nickel/silver spring hinges ensure a comfortable fit. All Maui Jim sunglasses feature patented, color-infused PolarizedPlus2 Technology, which blocks 99.9% of glare and 100% of harmful UV from all angles, manages blue light, and boosts colors for unmatched vibrancy, clarity, and contrast. All Maui Jim sunglasses include a case and cleaning cloth About your Maui Jim...

Maui Jim Kahuna

Set the pace. Lead the pack. Finish the race with a style that's all your own. Spring-hinged metal frames provide a snug, comfortable fit without putting your temples in a vise. Optically superior Polarized Plus lenses go through a patented manufacturing process that results in sharp, clear, glare-free vision unlike any other, with a waterproof coating that sheds water and snow in a snap and cleans with a simple wipe. Truly an exceptional pair of sunglasses. Patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology blocks horizontally-reflected glare, plus glare from above, below, and behind the lens, offering nine layers of protective elements between...

Maui Jim Makaha

Perfect for the thrill seeker in all of us, the Makaha features CLEARSHELL® scratch coating, a proprietary, silicon-based hard coat that protects both sides of the lens against scratching. Neutral Grey Lens offers contrast and the highest available light reduction. Suitable for all light conditions, especially bright, direct sunlight. 12% light transmission. HCL® Bronze Lens is perfect for low-light conditions, or for those who like a subtle bronze hue for everyday wear. Offers excellent contrast. 16% light transmission. Maui Rose® Lens is ideal for foggy or overcast days, or for those who prefer a subtle rose hue to wear everyday....

Native Eyewear Cable

Featuring the Native® interchangeable lens system, the Cable is designed to keep your eyes protected through every adventure. Interchangeable lens systems are designed to quickly and efficiently utilize all of Native's lens options, so you can adjust to all light conditions. Rhyno-Tuff® Air Frames, made with an extremely lightweight high performance thermoplastic material, is durable enough to withstand high velocity collisions and temperature extremes. Exhaust vents incorporated into the design framework enhance airflow which virtually eliminates fog and condensation. This unique design feature is the only system available that allows maximum ventilation while blocking extraneous incoming light. Cushinol® Temple Boots...

Native Eyewear Dash XP Polarized

The Native Dash XP is a great fit for medium to large faces. A wide range of features and unequaled quality make it an ideal sports glass. The interchangeable Polarized lenses make these sunglasses very versatile and virtually eliminate glare. The reflex lenses are an excellent choice for people who want an extra-dark lens with a light mirror coating.

Native Eyewear Wazee Polarized

Taking it to the next level will be a breeze with the performance-enhancing design of the Wazee Polarized from Native™. Rhyno-Tuff® air frames are a proprietary high performance thermoplastic material, which is extremely lightweight yet durable enough to withstand high velocity collisions and temperature extremes. Proprietary composition of Cushinol™ at nose pads create a non-slip fit that keeps sunglasses in place during athletic activity. Patented Cam-Action Hinges™ allow the temples to quickly lock into position, making these sunglasses ready for anything in seconds flat. Mastoid Temple Grip™ ensures the temple ends hug the mastoid bone (behind the ears) which allows...

Nike Moto

Hit the surf or the slopes in style sporting the smooth performance of the Nike® Moto sunglasses. 8 Base Sport Wrap frame construction provides maximum coverage. Nike Max Lens technology allows optimal viewing at any angle. 100% UVA and UVB protection. Adjustable, ventilated rubber nose bride enhances airflow to minimize slippage and fogging. Securely wrapped temple arms for stability. Metal hinge logo design. Includes hard case. Imported.

Oakley Antix

The pros of action sports are true originals. They refuse to let the world box them into categories and stamp on a label about who they are or who they should be. That’s the attitude these athletes take to the street, and when they find the perfect pair of shades for life beyond competition, it’s something authentic that brings original style to a whole new place. We carved clean lines with assertive angles to give them ANTIX, a sunglass that balances the fulcrum between street sophistication and outspoken attitude. When original style refuses to follow anyone’s lead, this is...

Oakley Batwolf

HOW TO PURCHASE OAKLEY EYEWEAR Oakley Eyewear is only sold out of our Corona,CA retail store (2410 Wardlow Road, Suite 109, Corona, CA, 92880). This item cannot be purchased online or at our Riverside, CA location. If you are interested in Oakley Eyewear, please contact our Corona Store team at (951) 736-0700. Are you interested in an Oakley model you don’t see on our website? Please let us know. Thanks for your interest in Oakley Eyewear!   Batwolf Sunglasses It’s not about being big or bad or bold. Oakley Batwolf™ sunglasses are about original style, and it’s a clean...

Oakley C-Wire Sunglasses

The Oakley C-Wire Sunglasses are stylish and sporty. Oakley's expert designers used several of the latest technologies to make these glasses as comfortable and practical as possible. For example, they have titanium MONO SHOCK™ hinges, which can hyper flex when bumped. A five-metal alloy frame is incredibly durable and lightweight. The frames have the brand's Three-Point Fit system, which eliminates pressure points and helps the glasses stay in place during intense activity. The lens material filters out 100 percent of all harmful UV rays, and the lenses are available with coatings to reduce glare. Designed with active wearers in...

Oakley Dart Sunglasses

With a single, continuous, and contoured lens, the Oakley Women's Dart Sunglasses have a futuristic look. A lightweight alloy-frame that rests on the nose and arm pads allows the women-specific Dart to sit comfortably on your face. The Darts have a high-society extravagant style and feel, like they belong on the face of a sophisticated super-model. Oakley's optics system extends the Plutonite lens over your peripheral vision to cover UV sensitive areas. The Darts' cleaning-sack and hard case keep these glasses looking as good as the day you bought them.

Oakley Dispatch II Sunglasses

With interchangeable metal icons that snap into place, Dispatch® II lets you put a new face on style. Two sets are included with the comfortably lightweight O Matter® frame, an original Oakley sculpture with cutaways and inlays for a look you can call your own. This modern twist on classic cool comes in a wide range of color combos. Our original Dispatch was such a hit, we decided to follow it up with an entirely new rendition. The lens orbitals of Dispatch II are a little smaller and more rounded, and the earstems are absolutely unique. They’re a fresh...

Oakley Drizzle

The rounded-square lens of the Oakley Drizzle Sunglasses offers a stylish twist to your lifestyle. When the sun is beating down upon you you'll have Plitonite Lens Material which filters out UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light shielding your eyes from the sun. You'll have the best protection throughout your peripheral vision as well as side protection. The Drizzle's Three-Point-Fit will ensure you stay comfortable and have a precise optical alignment. Even perspiration during your activity won't be an issue with these sunglasses, you'll have Unobtanium noseads and earsocks keeping a nice, steady grip. Staying young and active never looked...

Oakley Eyepatch 2 Polarized

The Eyepatch was the biggest frame Oakley ever created. Now the Eyepatch 2 takes the title, and is updated with intricate stem detailing. The frame is made of lightweight, durable O Matter and outfitted with a comfortable Three-Point fit for comfort and to hold your eyewear in perfect optical alignment. The lenses are made of high-quality Plutonite material that meets Z87.1 standards for optical precision and impact resistance. This frame is big on size, style and quality so you can look good and see perfectly.

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Polarized

Sport professionals demand nothing less than the best, and Oakley has answered their challenge for decades. Flak Jacket sunglasses take that to the next level with the latest in performance technology. Convenience gets a performance boost with Transitions® SOLFX™ lenses. As sunlight brightens, the lenses darken to keep up. When sunlight is scarce, the lens color gets much lighter but never goes away — so you get enhanced depth perception in shaded areas and cloudy places. This unique edition of Flak Jacket comes with all the cutting-edge features that athletes demand. Maintains, Sharp, Clear Vision: Flak Jacket features Oakley...

Oakley Forsake Sunglasses

The Oakley Forsake Sunglasses are the quintessential shades for active women. The Forsake Glasses find the perfect balance between performance and style for the girl who wants it all.   

Oakley Frogskins Polarized

You'll be getting the royal treatment when your peeps see you rockin' these fresh, old-school polarized shades from Oakley®. These sunglasses pay homage to the pop culture phenomenon. An era when an actor became president, a current governor was a constant box office attraction and a trio rap group from Queens opened our eyes to the world of hip hop. It was also the time when Oakley® created a one-of-a-kind sunglasses called Frogskin®. Oakley® resurrected the original tooling from the early '80s to produce new limited editions, giving you a chance to own a piece of history. For each original...

Oakley Fuel Cell Polarized

Add fuel to your already smoldering good looks with a pair of these fiery shades from Oakley®. Features HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) Technology - The best clarity and protection on the planet. HDO® lets you see clearer, sharper and without the magnification of ordinary lenses that act like prescription optics. Oakley® HD Polarized Lenses minimize glare via technology that produces the best polarized lenses on the planet with 99% polarization efficiency. Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O MATTER® frame material. Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment. Metal icon accents. Dual lends...

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized

For some of us, the Oakley Bottlecap, or the groundbreaking (for its dual lens interchangeability) Half Jacket was our very first pair of sports sunglasses. That was over ten years ago, and both styles can still be readily found in the retail sector -- this speaks a great deal to the universal fit and radical design. In regard to the Half Jacket, it excelled in fit and durability, but lacked somewhat in timelessness. This is why Oakley has seen fit to update the design with the Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized, while still presenting the same core fit and...

Oakley Miss Conduct

If you're going to be up to no good, at least look good doing so, right? Miss-Conduct from Oakley™ plays by her own rules, and you do too. Durable and lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter® temple arms. Durable Plutonite® lens material offers 100% UV protection. Three-Point fit touches only the sides of your head and the bridge of your nose. Ubotainium® nose pads increase grip with perspiration. Polaric Ellipsoid™ lens geometry optimizes both peripheral view and side coverage. Optical precision, performance and impact-resistance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. Eight-base lens curvature. Made specifically for women. Oakley metal icon accents at temples....
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