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Electric EG2 Goggles

It's hard to imagine how we moved about the mountain before the Electric EG2 Goggles. Could we see trees and people, or just a hazy blur of snow and shapes? Since its inception, the EG2 has a pure and simple goal—reduce the frame size, increase vision to HD status, and do it all with obscene amounts of style. Oversized isn't supersized and you won't catch flak from big-city mayors for having such a large field of vision. The thermoplastic urethane used in the frame isn't an illness but rather molecular magic. Shaped for maximum comfort, this plastic polymer stays...

Electric EG1 Lens

When Mother Nature throws you a flat-light curve ball, just pop out your super-dark, bluebird-day-style optics, and pop in your favorite Electric EG1 Lens. For those into big drops or heavy hitting gaps, it never hurts to have an extra pair of lenses handy should your goggles hit the deck a little harder than you expected.

Electric EG2.5 Goggles

If snow is your best friend but glare your worst enemy, you'll love the Electric Polarized EG2.5 Goggles. These goggles are the Polarized EG2's younger brother, with the same glare-reducing technology and huge field of vision, but are sized to fit smaller faces. The goggle's polarized lens, along with an anti reflection coating on the inside of the lens and anti-glare treatment on the inside of the frame, all work together to reduce the nasty glare that engulfs you when sunlight meets snow. The dual lens construction, anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens, and ventilation in both...
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Electric EGB2 Goggles

Get away with slopeside shenanigans without getting caught with the Electric EGB2 Goggle. After jumping that last slow sign, spot ski patrol out of your periphery, courtesy of the wide field of vision employed through an oversized dual-cylindrical polycarbonate lens. Taking design cues from premium spherical goggles, Electric has crafted the EGB2 Goggle with a less-is-more philosophy for outstanding performance and cutting-edge looks. When the sun decides to show face, protect yourself from becoming snow blind with 100% UV protection and an anti reflective coating. A dual lens design, anti-fog treatment, and strategic ventilation culminate towards clear vision, regardless...